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welcome to the psychos and/or unhealthily obsessed

15 October
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'm a student, tv addicted (practically my whole education, or the non-school-part, is tv), though i seem to have turned out okay, means not too crazy with the exception of speaking to my ghost Henry, after years of btvs and ats you learn that you gotta have a ghost; occasionally one can even see me going out for something other than to catch a movie, or even meet with friends; terribly easy bored, which means no more biography, let's move on

PS: also on 3 days of the week I have no internet access because I'm visiting the parents every weekend (yes I have considered putting myself in a coma to not feel the pain from that one, but what wouldn't you do for your parents) so I'm not all that reliable with posting and commenting but if you're not put off by that then feel free to friend me